Amy (Daughter of Cheryl) - Happy and Proud of Mum

Amy is proud of her mum Cheryl who gave up gambling after seeking counselling

Hi, my name is Amy and I am 19 years of age. It has been 1 year since my mum has been gambling or been to the club. I am very happy and proud of her. If it wasn't for her gambling counsellor I don't think she would have made it this far.

My life is so much better now because mum is so much better and I feel I don't have to worry about where her last $50.00 is going. It may only seem a small thing putting money in the poker machines, but believe me it's not. Mum's whole family has suffered and that's not fair.

There must be a lot of people out there with the same problem and God help them. Words cannot describe to me how much better life is now that there's money and a normal healthy person around again.

I am writing this with so much heart felt passion for my mum's will power and to her counsellor, who has helped mum to return to the beautiful person that she always was before she became obsessed with playing the poker machines and drinking excessively. A place I believe to be one of loneliness and solitude.

My mum was always such a beautiful person in looks and nature. The type that would put others before herself and do whatever she was able to help anyone in a mess with anything. She always worked hard to make sure that her family had what they deserved, a much better life than she knew of as a child. She would go that little bit harder all the time and no one suffered or went without, except her.

Then she began to play the poker machines. Not just every now and then, but sometimes up to 3-4 times a week. She would turn so ugly with her gambling and drinking habits the whole family began to suffer in some way. We never stopped loving her, but sometimes there was so much hatred, sadness and disappointment it was heart wrenching.

Nothing else mattered to mum when she was off to play the pokies, not tomorrow, not the groceries, not clothes, not even her children of grandchildren. I really thought the grandkids would sway her, but no. It worked a couple of times but in the end it seemed fruitless. Sometimes we would hide her wallet, money and cards. We would try almost anything to stop her, but nothing worked. She would just resort to borrowing more money, which was embarrassing for herself and her family. She seemed on a mission and God help anyone who stood in her way.

If she didn't lie and hide what she was planning to do, you would be told that YOU were selfish. The same story would be told, that she worked all week, that she has a house to keep and that she ran around for everyone else and never did anything for herself and so this is what SHE wanted and deserved. She would make excuses for her behaviour and turn it around so that we would feel sorry for her. This was her way out.

She would sit for hours alone at the club playing the pokies. Everyone would have to suffer the consequences the next day. She would have no money for food, she would borrow money to pay the bills, she would sleep away her weekends trying to hide from reality.

She would say that she was not going to play the pokies anymore heaps of times, but would inevitably fall back into the same trap, much to the disappointment of those close to her. It was they who had the horrible time of watching her diminish into such a sad human being.

Mum is one of the lucky ones who got away from the clutches of gambling. She realized the mental torture she was inflicting on herself and her family and did something practical about it. She sought the help of a gambling counselling service and it has worked.

Through her strong will, determination and counselling she has not played the poker machines for 12 months now. You cannot begin to imagine how proud we all are of her. No words can express the way we all feel, we are just so grateful to have our mum and grandma back.

We love her so much and are so proud of her determination to enjoy her life with those around her who love and adore her for what she is. She has indeed done herself proud.

I would like to personally thank her counsellor, for the positive and kind words that has helped mum to keep on going.

"Mum you are the wind beneath my wings." I am so glad you are now enjoying the simple things in life again, the ones that are priceless. I love you so much.