Responsible Gambling Awareness Week:

Responsible Gambling Awareness week 2018

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week is held every year to raise awareness about the nature of gambling, the potential for harm, the importance of gambling responsibly, and where to get help if you run into a problem with gambling.

Responsible gambling is not only about responsible consumption of gambling by those who gamble, but it is also about the responsible provision of gambling, which requires governments and industry to ensure people can participate in gambling safely and without harm.

With opportunities to gamble increasing, and advertising enticing us to gamble more frequently, spreading the word about how to gamble without harm is becoming more important than ever.

The Gambling Help counsellors on the Central Coast of NSW have made this series of videos to increase community awareness about the risks of gambling and the help available to those with a gambling problem.

What is Responsible Awareness Week (RGAW) :

Caroline, a Central Coast Gambling Help Counsellor from PM Counselling services talks about what Responsible Gambling Awareness Week is all about, why people gamble and how gambling has changed with the advent of smartphones and increased advertising, the principles of responsible gambling, the signs of problem gambling and how a Gambling Help counsellor can help.

CEO of Mingara Recreation Club talks about responsible gambling :

Gambling providers throughout NSW and the Central Coast are required to adhere to detailed regulatory requirements that emphasise a number of responsible gambling measures. The CEO of Mingara Recreation Club talks about responsible gambling at that venue.

Responsible Gambling Awareness - the nature of problem gambling:

Chris, a Gambling Help counsellor from Gambling Solutions, talks about responsible gambling awareness week, the nature of gambling addiction and how counselling can assist anyone who runs into a problem with gambling.

Responsible Gambling Awareness: Shannon

In this video Shannon, a member of the public, talks about her experiences with gambling and what she knows about responsible gambling awareness week.

Responsible Gambling Awareness - Self-Exclusion

Clubs are required to provide information and access to self-exclusion options for patrons who experience problems with gambling. The MVSE Program is a web based system, designed to assist people with a gambling problem to self exclude from venues where they live, work and socialise.

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