Lets make the conversation about gambling less awkward:

Talkward - making the conversation about gamlbing less awakward

The support of family and friends can make a major difference in helping problem gamblers muster the strength to overcome their gambling addiction.

One of the biggest challenges facing family and friends is how to raise the issue of someone's problem gambling. It can be a very awkward thing to do.

Here are some basic suggestions that will help you communicate more effectively:

  • Let them know you care
  • Be specific and clear about what you have noticed about their gambling
  • Let them know how you feel and how it affects you
  • Offer to help and let them know where to get professional support
  • Listen

People experiencing problem gambling often feel ashamed about their gambling and will conceal the behaviour and associated consequences. You might find that they say nothing. They might not be ready to hear what you've said, or maybe they're not ready to talk. It might be that they get angry and tell you it's none of your business. Or they might be relieved and grateful that you brought it up. Either way be prepared to do some listening and provide them with the gambling helpline number 1800 858 858 or this website address www.problemgambling.net.au.

Remember, seek help for yourself and your family. Family and friends of problem gamblers often don't think to get help for themselves, but it is very important to ensure YOU receive the support you need. Contact us to make an appointment with your nearest Gambling Help service.

Make your own personalised e-card at talkward.com.au:

Start a conversation with a family member or friend. Meet up to express your concern and what you have noticed. Ask the person if they are ok and do they need help, then support them to get help.

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