Uniting Recovery Counselling is now called PM Counselling Services - 0408 679 351

UCMH Counselling Services was in the process of changing it's name to Uniting Recovery Counselling, but then a decision was made to streamline all services under our parent organisation of Parramatta Mission so we are now known as PM Counselling Services.

Like us on FacebookGambling can have severe impacts on an individual. The financial impact alone can be devastating with the loss of assets, the pressure of mounting bills, and possible bankruptcy. The psychological impacts are also considerable--the person who gambles can feel out of control, worried about their future, guilty about their behaviour, and stressed, trapped, and depressed.

The family and loved ones of gamblers can also experience significant distress as a result of gambling. Trust is eroded when family members find out that money has been lost, secrets have been kept or promises have been broken. Conflict can arise and family and friends can be bewildered about how to help, and may feel powerless in the face of gambling.

Uniting Recovery Counselling Services are here to help you to understand the problem and gradually master it so that you can lead a more fulfilling lifestyle, feel better about yourself, share better relationships, and enjoy financial stability. We offer a friendly, professional service that supports clients to choose and develop their own unique recovery journey, based on strength, hope and holistic wellbeing.

Uniting Recovery Counselling Hours and Services:

Uniting Recovery Counselling Services

Gambling Counselling

08.30 - 4.30 Koala Crescent, West Gosford
08.30 - 4.30 Koala Crescent, West Gosford
12.00 - 8.00 Koala Crescent, West Gosford
09.00 - 1.00 Koala Crescent, West Gosford

Problem gambling is a highly complex and diverse phenomenon that profoundly affects families and communities as well as gamblers themselves. Seeking help for problem gambling is not a sign of weakness or desperation—it is a responsible and courageous step on the road to recovery.

Problem gambling can be treated and overcome. Everyone deserves help so if you or someone you know is experiencing problems with gambling, please contact Uniting Recovery Counselling Services.

Financial Counselling

Mondays, 8.30 - 4.30: Gambling Help Financial Counselling (GHFC) is a service provided by a financial counsellor who has completed additional training in managing gambling-related financial problems. Our financial counsellor specialises in helping people who find themselves in financial hardship as a result of their own or a loved one's gambling..

Other Services offered

After Hours If you work, Uniting Recovery counselling services offers after hours appointments on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

If you wish to book an after hours appointment please contact us on 0408 679 351 or complete the contact form at Uniting Recovery Counselling Services. If you cannot attend your after hours appointment please let your counsellor know as soon as possible.

Uniting Recovery Gosford offers regular Gambling Support Groups, providing a safe place for people to come together to support each other, develop friendships, share thoughts and ideas, obtain practical information from qualified Gambling Help counsellors, and learn coping skills to overcome the impacts of problem gambling. Please note: Support groups can only occur if there are enough people interested in attending. You are welcome to put your name down and we will contact you when the next group runs.

Uniting Recovery counsellors are also committed to providing community education on responsible gambling. We would love to facilitate presentations on responsible gambling • write articles for your newsletter or website • provide information stalls at community events • provide Gambling Help promotional materials • or provide any other assistance you or your organsiation might require.

Meet the Counsellors from Uniting Recovery:

Caroline from Uniting Recovery

Caroline McNally

Caroline is a professional addictions counsellor with over 19 years of experience. She holds a BA in Psychology and is certified in drug and alcohol counselling. After attaining her degree, Caroline went on to work with Lifeline, spent eight years working in drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation, and then entered private practice. Caroline is a qualified Gambling Help counsellor and joined Uniting Recovery in March of 2014.

financial counsellor

Financial Counsellor

The position of financial counsellor at Uniting Recovery is currently vacant. Please contact our head office in Paramatta on (02) 9891 6212 if you are interested in the position.